Facebook Messenger marketing matters In 2017

by Scott Wilson - CEO, Digital Influence

Facebook Messenger Marketing and Ads are all the craze right now. They’re the most PERSONAL ad type on the market.

Our culture has bred an expectation of instantaneous communication. Whether through text, chat, or social media… when someone sends you a message, you FEEL the need to respond in a timely manner (or at least most of us do).

Think about it.

This is what makes Facebook Messenger Marketing so powerful, it taps into a channel that 1+ billion people are using… and facilitate communication in a way that people now expect.

Look at the Global Messenger monthly active user growth rate… crazy right!

And to be fair it’s only just starting  which means this is a great opportunity for smart fast moving business owners that want to start more conversations with prospects.

Here’s 3 Reasons Why Facebook’s Comment-to-Messenger Feature Matters in 2017

1. It’s an easy way to build messenger subscribers

Facebook allows you to build a “list” of messenger subscribers that you can later send broadcasts to (similar to email, but we’re seeing 80%+ open rates).

Businesses that move first on this in 2017 will gain a massive advantage over those that are late to the party again.

Don’t be that business.

2. Increases relevancy score

If you are using the comment-to-message strategy and then turning that post into an ad, this is going to significantly increase relevancy score.

Your relevancy score is a number out of 10 that Facebook uses to tell advertisers how… relevant… their ad is to the audience in which they’re targeting. The higher the relevancy score, the more reach your ad gets and the lower the cost.

We’ve got posts for our clients with over 890+, 1600+, 3000 comments on them. Long term this can only be good for their brand and social influence.

3. It’s a great strategy to generate leads and sales (isn’t that what we REALLY want?)

This strategy isn’t just about “talking” or “building a list”. You can use it to generate leads and sales for your business, too. The key is to make sure your post leads to an ideal sales conversation for your business.

What’s more with this strategy you can take a prospect from COLD (not knowing you) to HOT (buying from you) in one post.

We also have some good examples for this for our clients as well. It’s exciting to see how quickly Facebook’s Comment-to-Messenger can take people through your sales funnel.

If you want to know how we are getting SALES for our clients using Facebook’s Comment-to-Messenger then come to our next seminar for free.

Details here at www.fb4business.co.nz