The tradie's guide to cloud computing and why you should keep reading

by Mike Tarjomi - Business Development Manager / Virtual CIO, CodeBlue

The Cloud. It’s not really a cloud at all. Just a nice buzzword that the industry uses to make it more appealing, and sound less nerdy. But it sure is good news for Tradies. It means you can use hugely powerful software and processing power without having to build or buy anything yourself. High speed, low cost internet means that you don’t have to load up your office or home computer with expensive and hard to use software that becomes slower over time – and is expensive to upgrade, maintain and replace! Using fast Internet you can now use the latest and greatest software packages. You can use the same software as the big guys. But you don’t have to own it. You just pay for what you need as you need it.

Now you can use IT as a tool in your toolbox, without having to worry about huge cost or heaps of downtime having to learn systems every time there is a change or an upgrade. The use of touchscreen tablets like iPads or Microsoft Surfaces, smartphones and even smart paper that you can write on and record, means that Tradies can now focus on their work, yet be efficient with recording information, processing quotes and invoices and reducing their operational costs – without having to change the way they are used to working. Smart use of cloud-enabled software and processes means that you can spend less time on the routine but necessary tasks that can sap so much time, money and energy from running your business. That’s more billable time working for your customers.

A good example of the cloud in action is right here on our doorstep with Tradietech. Tradietech uses the cloud Tradietech uses the cloud model to deliver a ‘technology tool belt’ for Tradies. With Tradietech you can use a tablet or smartphone while on a customer site, or on your office computer, to quickly do costings and generate quotes, order and arrange delivery of supplies, produce progress reports, schedule jobs, send invoices, handle payroll and inventory – all integrated with existing standard software from Microsoft, Xero and MYOB. That’s a whole lot of tasks currently undertaken by an admin team, or done by Tradies in the evening, eating into family life! Imagine if you could do all of that while at a customer’s site with a few button clicks? Tradietech works whether you are a one-man band or an established firm. The quoting process is simplified, the paperwork is automated – and everything integrates into your existing finance packages. Tradietech is fully cloud-based and therefore fully compatible with your existing desktops, mobiles and tablets.    So think of ‘The Cloud’ of a much more cost effective and efficient way to run your business, giving you more time to do the things you enjoy – and make more money in the process!